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 Christina Reyes Villaseñor for Fillmore City Council 2020

Born and raised in the Santa Clara Valley, Christina grew up in Santa Paula, where her father’s family is from, and spent much childhood time also in Fillmore, where her mother’s side is from and much of her family still reside. She has been a Fillmore resident for 11 years, and lives in the Riverwalk area with her husband Albert and their six-year-old daughter Belén.  

Christina’s family roots in the Santa Clara Valley go back nearly 90 years on both sides of her family to her grandparents’ work as farmworkers and later in construction, a fact she is extremely proud of, and her family’s ties to local farmworkers continue today, as her husband Albert Villaseñor is the owner and operator of the Fillmore Labor Camp (“El Campito”), which houses and feeds migrant farmworkers and laborers.

Christina’s work as a public health and social justice advocate spans two decades. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley, she interned then worked for four years at Latino Issues Forum, a state-wide public policy and advocacy institute, advocating on behalf of Latino and other low-income communities of color in the areas of environmental justice and sustainability, health-care access and equity in tele-communications and (the new age of) internet-access. She obtained her Masters in Public Health degree from UCLA in 2006 in Community Health Sciences and served as a public civil servant for 11 years in the LA County Department of Public Health, leading collaborations between communities and local governments to adopt tobacco control ordinances and enroll over 100,000 families in Medi-Cal and Covered California.

She is a strong supporter of the local non-profit CAUSE and a Board member of CAUSE Action fund, which supports immigrant, working-class and young voter empowerment. Christina is also unequivocally pro-union, having been a member of SEIU Local 721 while working at LA County and being very proud of the fact that her family’s local businesses - Reycon Construction and Reyes Masonry - are union-only contractors.  

The last three years, Christina has kept very busy being a stay-at-home mom to her daughter and finding ways to stay involved in issues concerning her community. She bakes for friends and family out of her home, enjoys traveling and visiting family in Mexico (outside of the Pandemic) and is psyched to get her husband on an e-bike soon so they can go on family bike rides around Fillmore and beyond. 


Esther (Śivakāmī) Taylor for Fillmore City Council 2020

The daughter of Vietnam veteran and retired LAPD Officer Ed Largey and local business owner Cindy Largey, Sivakami Esther has lived in Fillmore her entire life. Sivakami Esther is a former ambulance EMT and worked as an EMT Skills Instructor for Ventura College for the past three years. Now raising a daughter of her own she is more involved with her local community than ever before. Sivakami Esther is currently a career student pursuing a degree in psychological neuroscience. She also teaches yoga locally for ReGen Haus. Sivakami Esther studied yoga and philosophy extensively while in her 20s both here in California and later in North India at a school where she was awarded a full scholarship. Sharing her expertise in yoga with her community is very meaningful to Sivakami Esther. As an avid activist, Sivakami Esther is now pursuing public office as a means to ensure a more equitable future for the town she loves, Fillmore.

To Sivakami Esther, running for City Council means being a true representation of the residents of Fillmore and their shared values of equity, inclusivity, justice, and respect for all. Sivakami Esther remembers very well the ups and downs inherent in growing up in Fillmore. In her youth, she had wished she had more resources available to her while coming of age. Now at 31 years old, Sivakami Esther is experiencing firsthand the struggles of providing for a family while living in Fillmore. Sivakami Esther now sees the small-town community dynamic she loves dissolving in favor of profit, often at the cost of local businesses and those in need of affordable housing.

As a former EMT and EMT Skills Instructor Sivakami Esther feels she has developed a strong ability to remain calm amid chaos, something she believes to be essential in decision making. As a single mother, Sivakami Esther has fostered great compassion for humanity and a deep understanding of the difficulties the working class people of Fillmore face. As a full-time student pursuing the American dream, Sivakami Esther is constantly challenging herself to learn more and find the roles that must be filled in order to create a sustainable future for the next generation. Sivakami Esther sees clearly the meaningful effort required to serve on City Council and as made the personal decision to prioritize her time to be able to fulfill the needs of the community of Fillmore.

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