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A Platform for Future Fillmore

  • Local Business
    • Prioritize locally owned businesses
    • Incentivize local employment
    • Promote local businesses
  • Equity and Inclusivity
    • Translation Services
    • Equal Representation / Racial Justice
    • LGBTQ+ / Pride
    • Gender Non-Discrimination
  • Affordable Housing
    • Rezoning for housing
    • Grants for housing for building low income housing
    • Prioritize locals first for affordable housing
    • Incentivize local labor for construction (PLA)
  • Youth/Family Resources
    • Mental Health Grants
    • Youth Programs
    • Community Gardens
    • Local Food Sharing and Banking
    • Community Newsletters and Information Sharing
  • Environmental Stewardship
    • Prioritize / Incentivize renewable energy
    • Education and environmental awareness outreach
    • Prioritize / Incentivize environmentally conscious solutions

Affordable Housing

The Future Fillmore 2020 candidates (Christina Reyes Villasenor and Esther Sivakami Taylor): 

* Believe truly affordable housing for working class families and individuals is severely lacking in Fillmore.  The lack of affordable housing imposes overcrowding in households, a serious public health issue, made worse during the Covid-19 pandemic. Economically, the lack of affordable housing makes it impossible for young people and couples- students, recent graduates and young professionals - to stay in Fillmore and start families, work in-town or nearby, and thus contribute to the local economy. 

* Support ensuring that two low-income housing developments slated to start construction in Fillmore are fast-tracked to all extents possible and are committed to working through any red tape to make sure construction begins in 2021. 

* Support bringing additional affordable housing to Fillmore, particularly for very low incomes defined as between $33,000-56,000, and looking outside-the-box for these developments, including building vertical, using in-fill spaces, and looking at community block development grants and other partnerships for these developments 


Local Business, Growing our Local Economy

Future Fillmore 2020 believes that much like other small town communities, our local economy was struggling previous to Covid-19, and those struggles since have been amplified. However, within Fillmore we have great assets and abilities and strong social connections, and if pulled together equitably in the spirit of true inclusivity, Fillmore can begin to build up a strong local economy to the benefit of all local businesses and residents. 

Future Fillmore supports: 

* City Government that makes it easier for local businesses to do business in the city.  An on-line portal for businesses to file permits, get and submit license applications, make other payments, receive information and communicate rapidly with City staff. 

* Researching and applying for  Economic Development and Community Block Development Grants to revitalize local businesses, encourage new businesses to open, development smart, affordable housing and resources for our youth and families. 

*  Coming together to do a True Asset Mapping of Fillmore from all perspectives, with a diverse variety of business owners, community residents and leaders to consider how we can make even the smallest improvements in local business and economy that we as a community can work to grow and see the ripple effects. 



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Future Fillmore 2020
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